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Custom Lending helped to stop me from making a series of mistakes as a rookie home buyer. They recommended forearming myself by attending the CHAC First Time Home Buyers Class. That really helped instill confidence to make smart decisions moving forward. What set Chuck apart from other lenders was his ability to work exceptionally with me and my specific financial constraints. Chuck was able to adapt to my preference of communications and offer guidance on a variety of considerations. We lined up many properties over the course of a weeks time to tour and view. He helped me consider locations, aesthetic appeal, amenities and potential until we found THE home. The right home. Chuck made me feel that the milestone of purchasing a home should be as enjoyable as possible. I feel Chuck prides himself on addressing all the needs of a first time customer like me, both spoken and unspoken.
Chuck will partner with you to find the right home within your budget, including all the neighborhood amenities that matter – not to mention the essential criteria you have for YOUR ideal home. These guys are the “A-Team” you’re looking for!!

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